solar controller w 10cm wire to Anderson

solar controller w 10cm wire to Anderson


The VS-AU controller is a common positive PWM charge controller with built in LCD display and USB charging ports. The multiple load control modes enable it can be widely used for multiple applications.



  • PWM charging
  • Battery type selectable: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
  • Informative black light LCD display
  • Double USB design, Max. output 2.4A
  • Multiple load control modes
  • Energy statistics function
  • Full power working at temperature range from -25 to 55 ℃
  • Adopt high quality, high reliability components of ST, IR and Infineon
  • UL and VDE certified Nickel plated copper terminals, to ensure safe and solid connection
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Extensive Electronic protection

Electronic Protections:

  • PV reverse polarity protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Battery over voltage protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Battery overheating protection
  • Controller overheating protection
  • Load short circuit protection
  • Load overload protection
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