20 Amp Solar Regulator & Cable Value Pack

20 Amp Solar Regulator & Cable Value Pack



The Off Grid Trek 20 Amp Solar Regulator and Cable Value Pack includes everything required to connect and use the Off Grid Trek solar blanket range for charging 12V batteries.


  • Pre-Wired with 2 Anderson Connectors
  • 20 Amp Solar Regulator with 2 USB Charging Ports & LCD display
  • 5m/16.4ft Anderson to Anderson cable
  • 1.5m/5ft Anderson to Battery clip cable

Price $247.99

Save $22.98 instead of buying each separately


This value pack offers a complete solar kit when purchased with an Off Grid Trek Solar Blanket for charging 12V batteries.

The 20A Solar Regulator comes with Anderson connectors and is ideal for use with the 120W and 200W SunPower® cell blanket. The Solar Regulator acts as the go between to transfer power generated from the panels to the battery safely and efficiently it comes pre-programmed and can be configured based on your charging requirements.  Offering 2 USB ports for charging devices and a convenient LCD display.

The 5m/16.4ft Anderson to Anderson Cable offers the option to increase the distance from the solar blanket to the vehicle, which allows you to set up camp in the shade and still get the most out of the sun.

The 1.5m/5ft Anderson to Battery Clip Cable allows a fast and high quality portable connection from the solar regulator direct to the battery terminals.

The use of genuine industry standard Anderson connectors ensures simple and fast connection, they are more durable than most other connection types offering a longer lifespan and no risk of poor connection from frayed wires or loose terminals, simple just plug and play!

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