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4×4 Camping Trailers

Introducing to Canada Off-Road Camping Trailers from South Africa by Echo 4×4, the Chobe, the Tec 5 and Tec 2 models are lightweight at less than 1400lbs each. They offer comfort & ample storage no matter where your adventure takes you and your family.

Chobe Tec is the latest addition to the Echo 4×4 caravan range. Built on the Echo 6 chassis you can expect the same great quality and durability you always get from Echo 4×4. The grey styling sets a new trend in the Off-road caravan market. Soon to be copied by all our competitors. This caravan is versatile as it can be built to sleep 2, 3, or 4 adults depending on your specific needs.

Tec 5 which is the flagship trailer by Echo 4×4. Constructed of superior materials designed to be lightweight and robust at only 1279lbs. Manufactured with independent suspension offering maximum stability and off-road performance. It will handle the most severe conditions.

Tec 2 even lighter than the Tec 5 at only 1080lbs it offers ample storage and is constructed of superior lightweight materials. The independent suspension allows you to truly appreciate its off-road capabilities.

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