Compare Mini Trucks & Workhorse Side By Sides

When compared with a similarly equipped workhorse side by side a Mini Truck offers:

  • Cost savings, usually 1/2 the price or less than 1/2 the price of a similarly equipped side/side.
  • Up to 50MPG, nice yearly savings to have with all of these increasing taxes we are paying.
  • A fully steel, enclosed, insulated, heated cab, that heats quickly in cold temperatures and keeps dust out.  Happy wife happy life no extra charge for this.
  • All extras are included, side mirrors, rear view mirrors, full doors, headache rack, interior lighting, full gauges, 4-way flashers, turn signals, mud flaps, head rests.  No extra charges for these.
  • A large 6’4″x4’4″ bed that folds down to convert to a flatdeck and easily carries 1000lbs +
  • Can be equipped for off-road use, as well as the option of being driven on the road.
  • Some have options like A/C, Power Steering, ABS, Dump Beds.
  • Tough, Reliable and easy to maintain Japanese built vehicles that will last many kms and years.
  • Parts & Accessories are available through us, usually less expensive compared with a side/side and quicker to get.
  • Pricing below is comparing a EFI Suzuki Mini Truck set-up with lift kit, 1″ wheel spacers, upgraded suspension & ATV tires/rims, with a similarly equipped side/side.  Side/Side pricing was taken from the Manufacturers websites to compare models with similar engine size/hp, a full cab, wipers, heat, mirrors etc. Their freight and delivery fee was a ballpark price being it is not advertised on their websites.

Detailed Specs:

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